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Competition for healthcare contracts is increasing at an alarming rate. However, it is not always the best or lowest cost healthcare service that wins in a complex healthcare procurement process.

To win a competitive healthcare tender you need to submit a high quality tender response that will score more highly than your many competitors.

We are experts at producing consistently high quality healthcare tenders that improve your chances of success. Our detailed quality management systems have even gained accreditation with ISO 9001:2015.

Tried And Tested Processes That Deliver Consistently High Quality Winning Tenders

1. Establishing the Proposition

We begin by first understanding your healthcare service offering: your experience in delivering similar healthcare services, your capability and capacity to deliver this contract opportunity, and what makes you stand out from your competitors?

We review in detail all of the key commissioning requirements to determine all the key win themes and explore opportunities where you can offer added value that will enable you to secure higher tender scores.

Before agreeing to act we will check that this contract opportunity is a good match for your service and once agreed we will confirm our fee, obtain signed terms and conditions of our engagement and secure part or whole payment.

2.  Conference Calls

We carefully plan the production of each healthcare tender response and assign an experienced Senior Healthcare Proposal Manager and Writers to oversee and support its production. We carry detailed research into current best practice and relevant healthcare guidance to supplement the healthcare specification.

We will schedule conference calls to discuss each of the tender question responses at a time which is convenient to you.

To ensure that we make best use of the conference calls we prepare a ‘Storyboard’ for each question which details the key information that the healthcare commissioner is seeking and provides a checklist of the types of information and evidence that we can use to create a high scoring response. We share these in advance so that you have a clear understanding of what we need to cover.

We also record all our calls which means that we have an accurate record of our conversations and minimises repeat requests.

3.  Draft Content Production

Once we have completed the conference calls we begin drafting your tender responses.

Our aim is to produce a response that is compliant, well-written, evidenced, persuasive and innovative. This is a skilled task and requires an experienced writer to carefully address the specific method statement questions by making full use of the information gained from our research, the proposition and conference call phases including your specific USPs, features, benefits, added value and case studies.

4.  Content Finalisation and Evaluation

We use independent healthcare evaluators with backgrounds in the NHS to carry out an unbiased line by line
review of the first draft method statements to enhance the clarity and quality of our tender responses.
They help us to identify any specific areas for improvement which we incorporate into the final drafts.

It is this added attention to detail which makes the difference to the quality of our work and your tender

5.  Client Sign-Off and Submission

Once we have made these final edits we send a copy of the final draft healthcare tender response for you to review to ensure that you are happy that with the response and that it is an accurate reflection of your organisation’s contract proposal.

Any amendments that you may wish to make will be incorporated into the final tender submission response and only once you have confirmed that you are completely satisfied, will we submit your tender response through the tender portal.

We will send a screenshot copy confirming submission to you and you should also receive an email from the tender portal confirming receipt of your submission.

6.  Clarification Meetings And Presentations Support

We use our experience and involvement in tender assessment panels to help you prepare fully for tender clarification meetings and presentations.

We can help you prepare presentation slides to address any specific healthcare commissioning questions and coach members of your presentation team.

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