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Healthcare Policies done better….

Compliant, accessible, easy to read policy solutions that make life easier for you and your staff.

Innovative Healthcare Policy Provision and Bespoke Policy Writing

Forget everything you think you know about healthcare policies. We’ve spent the last 3 years redesigning and improving them. We know how important policies are to your services. They’re one of the first things the CQC inspectors will ask to see. But policies can be off-putting and it’s difficult to be sure staff have read and understood them, and even harder to prove they have been read and understood. So we made them better. We offer a choice of:

Text Only Policies

Standard policies that are fully CQC and Care Inspectorate compliant.

Instructional Design

A re-designed policy format that communicates much more effectively than standard text documents by using features such as diagrams, ‘call out boxes’ and summary points. With this option, your workforce will have a much clearer understanding of your policies, leading to safer, higher quality and more effective care delivery.

Evidenced Understanding

An electronic format of policy delivery, accessed via computer, tablet or smartphone. This version offers Company Owners and managers reports to show which staff have read the policy and includes a comprehension test to evidence staff have understood the policy.

Bespoke Policies

If you need something specific, talk to our Policy Manager and our skilled writers can create policies tailored specifically to your company.


” Wish I’d heard of Peridot Curis before our CQC inspection. It’s been brilliant. An invaluable service that helped us put together our action plan, following our inspection. Helped take the weight off my shoulders. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”


Karen Pickering

Director, Beverley Ambulance Service

Support With Healthcare CQC Pre-Inspection And Corrective Action

One of the most stressful aspects of delivering healthcare services is dealing with CQC Inspections. We know how important it is for you to get positive ratings with the CQC and that’s why we’ve developed a number of support options to help you.  Wherever you are in your inspection cycle, we have support to make life easier and maximise the chances of positive ratings:

Pre-inspection Audits – we can visit your organisation and carry out a detailed audit to help you understand how prepared you are for your CQC Inspection. We will provide you with a detailed report  highlighting any areas for improvement and, if required, we can support you to address these.

Support Following an Inspection – if things haven’t gone well with an inspection we can help you. We can write-up your Action Plan and help you to address all remediation points.

Training Workshops – we have a wide range of workshops to explain the Inspection process, evidence gathering and the Key Lines of Enquiry and help you keep up-to-date with key legislation such as the Care Act, MCA and DoLS. We can also deliver workshops on important issues such as team building and conflict resolution.